System Requirements ?

Any Windows or Linux Operating System.

How to play videos through pendrive ?

There are instruction on pendrive, just follow it and you can play the video.

What, If I need to format my system ?

You have to contact our customer care after formatting your system.

What do you mean by validity ?

As Videos are encrypted with time validity.

Videos won’t play after given validity of time.

Can I extend validity later on ?

Yes you can extend the validity of pendrive after contacting customer care.

From which date my validity starts ?

When you first time plugged Pendrive in your system.

Will Pendrive work in smartphone, If I connect through OTG cable ?


Pendrive will work only in computer or laptop or windows mobile

Can I copy the videos from pendrive ?

Yes you can copy the content of pendrive in your system

Will pendrive work in two systems at the same time ?

No, Pendrive will work only in one system at a time.

Do I need internet at the time of using pendrive ?

No, Pendrive course is completely offline.

you don’t need to have a internet at any point.

What do you mean by weekly updation?

Weekly, we will provide new videos only for pendrive buyers.

NOTE : You can download videos from download page.

Why would I buy course if videos are there on YouTube .

Those are just demo videos, you will get complete videos in pendrive package

More Doubts ?

Let’s have Chat then.