About Us

Prashant Kumar GuptaFounder VisualKart, Digital Marketing Expert

What is visualkart?

Visualkart is a educational program whose aim is to create government professionals by providing the video series of complete topic that is needed in the exam.Videos series has been created by our experts in bank, ssc, cgpsc and skill development. Our program is formed in 2015 and is backed by the ngo satyamev samajsevi sansthan. We want to reach a large number of government job aspirants through our works.

Director's Message

Why should students of our country have to travel different part of our country for better education when we have a medium like internet Friend’s BANKGYAN and CGPSC e-GYAN is just a beginning ,we are going to provide quality video lectures for every competitive exams so that every aspirants can prepare by sitting at home.